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This Watercolor Archival Canvas Board from Fredrix is a 100% cotton artist-grade canvas, combining the texture of a natural, woven fabric with a specially formulated gesso. Designed for all water-based paints, it will not tear like paper and you can lightly lift out pigment or completely wash out your painting surface without damaging the canvas surface.


7.7 oz. primed and 6 oz. raw, it is double-primed just north of Atlanta, Georgia, with an acid-free absorbent grounds based titanium gesso for professional results. A versatile option for watercolors, watercolor sticks, acrylics, inks, paint markers, permanent markers and spray paints. Ten minutes before you paint, wipe down (firmly) the entire surface of the canvas with a very wet cloth. This will allow for more spontaneous transfer of the paint to the canvas.

Watercolor Canvas Board • 11 x 14

SKU: 081702034425
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