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RGM Plus painting knives are essential tools for spreading color, mixing, and applying paint. They perform particularly well with acrylic and oil. 

The smaller knives (painting knives) are more flexible, and are designed to apply paint in small quantities. Their angled metal neck and thin blades allow for nuanced gestures and markmaking. They're an excellent tool for impressionistic and gestural work.


RGM's larger knives (palette knives) have a less flexible blade and are intended for mixing larger amounts of paint, scraping palettes, and other heavier-handed applications. With the blades connected directly to the handle, you can rely on their steel construction for firm leverage.


RGM Plus painting knives and palette knives are constructed with electroplated steel, bubinga wood handles, and solid brass ferrules.


Made in Italy.

RGM Painting Knife • 033 Large Trowel

SKU: 082335330335
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