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2.75" x 2"

Large Soft Enamel Pin

Triple Posted

Rubber Clasps


Inspired by "The School of Athens" by Raphael Raphael’s (1483-1520)


"School of Athens" (1509-11) is part of a series of four frescos decorating the Pope’s library, each dedicated to a category of human knowledge: theology, philosophy, law, and poetry. The most famous of the four, "School of Athens" represents philosophy with a pan-historical group portrait of great thinkers, many who existed before Christ or were non-Christians. Its inclusion in this series highlighted the growing influence of humanistic ideals in the Italian Renaissance, elevating philosophy to the same level of theology. It exemplifies key artistic ideals of the Italian Renaissance through the representation of classical architecture, multiple spatial registers, linear perspective, and a physical boldness in the figures.

Pin - The School of Athens

SKU: pin-school-of-athens
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