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Nitram Beaux Art Charcoal Fusains are our charcoal sticks of choice, especially for figural work and those just beginning to explore this medium.

They are made using a proprietary process that ensures consistency, and unlike vine or willow charcoal, they will not crumble or skip when used in broad strokes. We've found that Nitram products lift better and are easier to work with than other charcoal brands. 

Grade B is soft, yet is still able to carry a point. Grade HB (medium) is ideal for homogenizing tones and retaining tonal detail. Grade H (hard) can be sharpened to an extra-fine point for creating fine detail, and its hardness makes lighter and mid-tones easier to attain. The square shape makes the stick easier to grip and is ideal for sanding a sharp edge for drawing fine lines.
For sharpening and shaping, we recommend the Nitram Sharpening Bloc.

Nitram Charcoal Fusains, 5mm • B

SKU: 774058071717
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