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Kitaboshi 9606 writing pencils function and looks similar to the Mitsubishi 9850––you can expect a surprisingly dark rendition of HB lead that moves smoothly across the page. It's comfortable to hold in the hand, and the point holds its shape well, two features that are perfectly suited for note-taking in meetings or in class.


The pencil's mahogany-colored barrel itself is offset beautifully by gold foil stamping on one side and silver on the other.

We also can't deny its distinctively midcentury packaging, which features bold lines and contrasting colors reminiscent of midcentury office furniture and decor. The box contains 12 pencils.


Made in Japan.

Kitaboshi No.9606 Pencil with Eraser, Set of 12

SKU: kitaboshi-9606-academic-writing-12pack
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