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Step aside, skinny-handle silver craft knife with the wiggly blade! 


We love this elevated hobby knife from Excel for so many reasons. Unlike other entry-level craft knives, this model is designed with the blade release mechanism located at the back tip of the stylus rather than around the collar. That means the blade won't become wiggly or loose as you pull the blade across and around your cutting surface.


The K18 also secures the blade with a 4-way clamp instead of the typical pinch slot you'll find on most similar products––preventing that signature wiggle or dislodging of the blade over the course of a trimming session.

The K18 offers a soft, rubberized barrel for maximum comfort and control, and a square bushing at the end to prevent rolling. Each individual knife includes a #11 blade and a clear plastic safety cap.

Excel K18 Grip On Knife

SKU: 098171160203
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