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The Hobonichi Techo is a planner notebook made by the website Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun, or Hobonichi. The group's 2024 series calendars received the Long Life Design Award––an distinction for products, architecture, content, and services that can serve as a model for future design and continue to exist as a standard across generations. The award is not only a tribute to " long life", but also to the designs that people love in their lives and hope will continue to exist in the future, and to the people who create them.


The word "techo" is Japanese for "planner notebook". The Hobonichi Techo is made from Tomoe River paper, a light and durable paper that allows the book to contain many pages while remaining compact.


The cover displays a vibrant and playful 8-bit illustration of an urban shoreline.


This calendar runs from January to December 2024, offers weekly overview pages, and contains more than 72 blank gridded sheets for notes along the way. 


The book is slim and roughly the size of a long wallet.

English Edition Hobonichi Pocket Calender

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